Oberlin Climate Action Plan

I worked for The Oberlin Project during a month long internship in my senior year at Oberlin. The Oberlin Project is a town-wide initiative to push the city of Oberlin towards complete energy self-sufficiency. I needed to transform the drab, 90-page Word document of the Oberlin Climate Action Plan into an attractive book that would make the Plan accessible to Oberlin citizens from varied educational backgrounds. This meant translating statistic-dense paragraphs of text into visually attractive and easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and infographics. The important problems to solve for designing this document included: creating a consistent, attractive style without an excessive page count; enabling the text to be understood by a range of educational backgrounds; enabling the Oberlin Climate Action Plan to be taken seriously on a national and international stage. The design I implemented addresses these problems and was well received. January 2013