FIXX Conference

As co-founder of FIXX Conference, a one-day conference aimed to celebrate diversity within the tech industry both locally and nationally, I led the website design and development. After doing extensive conference research, I established the primary website user goals: buy tickets, find detailed information (date, time, location) about the conference, and learn more about speakers. The call to action (“Get Your Tickets Now”) needed to be bold and prominent, as a result it was placed next to information about the conference. This placement allowed visitors to easily understand the purpose and location of the conference. A primary goal of FIXX is to is to strengthen the tech community, so it made sense to make our website open-source as well as community built. We organized a small group of developers with diverse skills to build the FIXX Conference website collaboratively. To ensure the success of this day of development, I researched, designed, wrote copy, gathered assets and created an action plan. I also contributed by designing the logo and branding of the FIXX Conference which has been used in a wide variety of print and digital sources. Unfortunately FIXX Conference has recently been dissolved. We are focusing our efforts on existing conferences, events, and meet-ups in the area to continue to celebrate and encourage diversity in tech. Winter 2016