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Designer, Marketer, Writer, Pinballer, Crafter.

Steady, Scrappy, Sarcastic.

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I’m More Than a Designer.

You need more than a designer. I focus on the why behind your project in order to create a truly successful website or marketing strategy. The big picture is important so I can work holistically and efficiently. I work hard to develop a wide range of skills because it makes me genuinely happy.

I began as a print designer at Oberlin College and in my free time dove headfirst into web design and development. My next job brought me into the world of marketing. I began going to tech, entrepreneur, and marketing events in my free time to learn from the amazing people in my community.

Stacy Harrison, Cleveland marketing and design consultant
Cleveland designer, marketer, designer Stacy Harrison

Working With Me.

I love bouncing ideas around with people. Working with me starts with me asking questions to get the whole picture. What’s the ultimate why?

I work lean. My ideas are not my babies and I’m more than happy to pivot given the right data and information. The goal is to find what works as efficiently as possible and my work process reflects that.

In teams, I’m a confident servant leader and take responsibility for the entire group. Independently, I thrive with loose guidelines and the ability to explore ideas. Expect a dry sense of humor to make you laugh while work gets done and to learn more about pinball or embroidery than you thought was possible.

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